Development Technology Introduction

Performs design and strength analysis of seats and seat suspension units using CATIA 5 / NX / HyperWorks / LS-DYNA based on the foundation of manufacturing technology that has been cultivated for many years, and pursues high quality with light weight, safety and low cost doing.

Customer Requirements Specification


We are working on development to meet customer requirements.

CAE Analysis

Various advance evaluations are possible by simulation using CAE analysis software.

Eliminates trial and test re-work, and contributes to reduction of development cost and shortening of development period.

Dynamic analysis in head-on collision

We strive to reduce weight by evaluating the degree of injury to the occupant due to a collision and the situation of deformation and breakage of the seat.

Belt anchor strength static analysis

We are trying to rationalize the structure by evaluating how the seat suspension unit and seat deform by belt input.

Trial Production

Various Evaluations and Tests

The vibration characteristics on the spring, the riding comfort evaluation of the occupant, the strength endurance test, etc. are conducted by various test equipment.

Multi-joint 3D measuring machine

Measurement example of seating center of completed seat.

It is used for sheet shape measurement and dimensional accuracy check in parts.

Vibration Tester

Used for resonance frequency measurement and various endurance tests.

Mass Production Structure Decision