Environmental Policy

1.Basic environmental philosophy

We do not think that global environmental deterioration in recent years is something that should be overlooked.
As a company engaged in production activities belonging to the automobile industry, we actively consider from the regional environment to the level of the global environment, take action in consideration of the environment, and continue to make a commitment to its improvement.



2.Environmental policy

The company has consistently produced automotive sheets since its operation in 1942, and is a company with a consistent production process from development to production, which was separated from Namba Press Kogyo Co., Ltd. in 2017.

We will work on environmental protection and pollution prevention by giving priority to the following items, while complying with the requirements of the environment-related laws, regulations, regulations, etc. from the administration and stakeholders.


① Operate an environmental management system and implement continuous improvement.
② Promote recycling and reuse to reduce waste.
③ We constantly monitor and monitor risks, operate the PDCA cycle, and strive to improve environmental performance.
④ We will continuously educate our employees to raise their environmental awareness.